I haven't opened up blogger in a super long time. I'd like to maybe get back into it, but instagram is where I update daily. if you'd like to follow along, it's username "reneekristine". otherwise- here's a super brief update-

had a baby
it's a girl
we're all in love
Oliver's the best big brother
we bought a house
got engaged almost a year ago
life is good



tomorrow is the day. the day we find out if Oliver is going to have a little brother or a little sister. and we're all super excited!


pregnancy catch-up

I know I'll look back and regret if I don't document more of my second pregnancy and the last few months of Oliver being the only child. so these will be random facts and events and pictures for me to remember and not be so concerned about typos or interesting content for readers. because that's not what it's about.

I was sick a couple times in the first trimester, but it multiplied in the beginning of the second. from 13 weeks to 17 weeks, I was puking about every other day. it only ended less than a week ago.

finally craving-
sharp cheddar cheese (I'm talking straight off the brick style)
McDonald's hashbrowns

Oliver giving his sibling a check-up.

he's truly so in love. he talks to my belly at least once a day. and the shirt is not allowed to be down haha. he talks right through the belly button. he tells me he's watching his cartoons with "bebe". and according to him, he's having a baby brother.

I've had one gender dream so far: we were doing the cutesy newborn pictures where the baby's wrapped in gauze and sitting in a nest or whatever. the baby had tons of DARK hair (unlike big brother who is still rocking the blond!) and Oliver wanted to be in all the shots. said "but I want a pik-ture wiff bebe bwuover!"

18 weeks

I'm so grateful that this baby is healthy, growing big and strong. hearing the heartbeat (and kicks!) is maybe my favorite part of a pregnancy. and with all the troubles this little fetus has been giving me, it's so worth it. I love whoever is in there so much already. can't wait to see who it is next week. (sorry for the sap, it's been a rough couple weeks.)

kind of long story halfway shortened: a good friend of mine lost her unborn baby recently. and we were only a couple weeks apart in due date. so needless to say, it most definitely took a toll on me. I also only just stopped being sick less than a week ago. all of this, combined with the fact that I left Oliver (with someone other than steve) for my appointment today, gave me high blood pressure. but just knowing that the baby is still there and doing fantastic, made everything perfect. the baby kicked the doppler and even rolled over/ moved away from being poked. I recorded all the audio to put my mind at ease this week.

my OB is so great, too. she wishes I would've called right after my friend's loss, she would've listened to the heartbeat right away for me. I love that I also get to keep the same OB and pediatrician for this new babe.

and! obviously, I am so excited to see if Oliver's going to have a little brother or little sister next week!


bring it on, 2013

happy birthday dinner to me!

creme brûlée white chocolate

my sister made me an ice cream cake for my birthday! devils food cake with vanilla ice cream with fudge swirl and peanut butter cups, toffee brownie brittle, fresh whipped cream, ganache and a crushed up salted caramel chocolate bar.

officially engaged!

pregnancy announcement, my birthday and an engagement all in one week! bring it on, 2013!


And I'm Back in The Game!

Oh wow, okay, so I just got my first laptop in over two years! This means I'll hopefully start blogging again. the whole reason I got an iPhone was to blog... didn't work out like I'd have thought! I will say, typing on a computer feels super weird after not using one forever. I obviously don't have any pictures uploaded yet or anything extremely interesting to blog about right now, but I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things, scheduled posts, the whole shebang!
Is there any in particular you can remember me doing that you actually enjoyed? haha anything that you'd like to see from me or know or or or? I'm thinking I'll probably try some "favorite Friday's" again. Do you like seeing all the vintage stuff I find?
Which is something I'll be able to do again; actually run my etsy business! I haven't done anything new with that sucker in easily a year. couldn't upload pictures straight to etsy from an iPhone. poor pity me, I know.
Well, that's all, I guess! Feels good to be back! I'm also pretty excited to catch up on your lives. since I haven't so much as opened google reader in over a year. forgive me and love me back!