Has anyone else heard of this show? Oobi. So very very creepy. It's on at something like, 2:30am on Nick Jr. I recorded it because I liked the name. To my surprise, when I turned it on, this is what I saw;

[the volume is bad, turn it up]

This is the theme song. That is stuck in my head 95% of the day. [now you will, too. you're welcome] It's about Oobi, his sister Uma, best friend Keiko, and their Grandpu. They are all hands. with eyes. and they talk very basic "Oobi dance, yoooou dance. you. dance. Oobi. dance." blah!

But here's the real problem; Oliver LOVES this show! Like, will stop jumping in his jumparoo, spin around as fast as he can, then just stare at the screen. For most of the half hour program. Silently. I assume this is love. Or he's like me, and really trying to figure it out.

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