sickypoo + links to brighten the day

Blah. I'm getting worse. I can't remember the last time I was this sick... So as I sit and sip my acai blueberry green tea, here are the links that are brightening my day...

I'm thinking of make these for Oliver's 1st birthday (in only a month and a half. kill me now)
I have so many empty frames (waiting for the printer to be fixed), I should just do this.
Such an easy, cheap, and fun idea for baby's summer.
Simple ways to spruce up your lunch.
Totally inspired by almost every detail of this house.
These artful and clever outfits.
I absolutely love this circus wedding idea.
Another awesome idea for Oliver's birthday.
These dolls... come on. speechless.
I laughed so hard when I saw this. Ironic?
Like a good deal in your area? Hopefully you'll find this website helpful!
I want a big-wheeled bike pretty bad. I know it'd be embarrassing, so a necklace would do.
The art of being blown away.

Okay, i should tell you now that this post has taken over TWO HOURS to do... between blowing my nose constantly, sneezing, peeing, my headache, feeling like i'm going to vomit, developing a cough, sweating, snot suckering Oliver's nose, playing, lunch, diapers, crying...
this is a very draining day, indeed.
(all the links were already saved, the actual posting of 13 links took 2 hours. awesome.)

Please, go enjoy the outdoors and eat something super delicious for me (since i can't taste anything)
Oh, and TOM showed up this morning. (time of the month). fun.

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elisabeth said...

well, i appreciate the 2 hours it took you to do this ost :)
i LOVE this post!

those are such cute ideas for oliver's birthday. you should totally do them.

have a good weekend!


Gwiddle said...

Holy cow when I was looking through all of the links I was thinking in my head "this must have taken foreeevver!" It is an awesome list though, those cakecicles look so yummmy! Sorry your feeling sick that must suck especially bad with having to take care of a kid. Those dolls make me laugh, I have wanted to get one before.. They are so expensive though! I hope you get feeling better soon<3 xoxo

Nancy StylenDecorDeals.blogspot.com said...

Great blog! Adorable baby!

I'm a new follower from the blog hop!
Hope you can hop by and follow me:


Deanna said...

what?? you don't laugh whenever you eat a salad?

Jade said...

At least your bangs looks great!

I LOVED the circus wedding. Super classy.

HettyA said...

I agree I appriciate that you took the time to write this post. I'm so sorry you're sick and hope you feel better soon! :(

Erin A said...

Wow, this is a great link list, fun stuff to check back through!! You should totally do the frame wall, esp if you already have the frames! It was perfect for cleaning out my closet and decorating the wall.

Thanks for including me!! Hope you're on the mend soon!