Favorite Friday!

Wow, it's been a really REALLY long time since i've done one of these so here we go!

Psh, you do not have to tell me twice!

I need these. On every single window in my house. and car, maybe.

Need a cheap and easy laptop desk? Okay.

I never knew such pretty ugly things could exist; smoke detector!

Now THAT'S what I call a tree house!

Books, pages, paper... I just... I love it.

Maybe the best band art I've ever seen, I love eye trickery!

Absolutely genius and simple bathtub storage.

Make something not necessarily girly, girly!

I could stare at these Hollywood haircuts for hours on end.

Great storage and seating solution.

Harry Potter butterbeer, anyone? MMM

Christmas lights poked through canvas = art.
If they had this for iphone, it'd be mine! Someone with an ipad, please invest!

One of the most beautiful chevron patterns I ever did see.

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