Cheapest, Longest Christmas Garland. Ever.

I made these garlands. Garlands? Paper chain link things? Whatever. This elementary school craft was one of the cheapest and easiest things I've ever made. Aside from those owls. Well actually, toilet paper ain't cheap!

Okay so this project of two super long decorations cost me maybe a dollar. Maybe. Here's the basics;

"Small" Garland- A pack of pattern paper. Total of 6 half sheets {3 full sheets}
= 20 feet long for a whopping... $0.42
Large Garland- I bought a pack of construction paper. 83 sheets {which I will obviously be using for future projects} for $0.97. I took out all of the red, white and green ones. 24 sheets which still totaled an hour of cutting and almost a half pound of strips measuring in at DOUBLE the length
= a massive 40 foot garland for... $0.28
    -I also used about half a stick of glue so you can add that into the cost if you really need to. I don't know, $0.50? The point is, whoa cheap. And easy. Plus, I can take these apart and reuse the paper.
      I opted out of tape. The glue stick was just so fast.

      The "small" 20 foot garland actually took a longer amount of time to complete because I didn't put my patterns in an order first, so I was scrambling to make sure i didn't put two of a similar color and pattern close hah! Tip- Sort your patterns, it will FLY by!

      This monster, no joke, took me all of 15 minutes to make. Maybe 20 if we're counting all the random things I do in between {reply to comments, pee, eat, take a drink of diet dr. pepper, who knows!}

      I'm thinking the large one will wrap around the Christmas just fine...! and the other will go along whatever wall it looks best on. Just hang from one end of the ceiling to the other. That post is still to come...

      {Hah, I wrote this post at midnight after my crafting shenanigans and then took the measurements the next day. Seeing that I thought they were maybe 18 feet combined, proves my math skills are shit. But my unknowingness to just breeze through huge and easy and uber cheap nothing projects just kind of amazes me and makes me all kinds of Christmas vomit cheer proud!}  


      Little Gray Pixel said...

      I made a chain garland a few weeks ago on a whim. Something about repeating the same thing over and over again ... I really enjoyed making mine.

      Jodi said...

      loveee paper chains :D