Fried Eggplant with a Honey Drizzle

ever since tasting these, I've literally had dreams about it. so I obviously had to make them at home a couple weeks later. and trust me, I can't believe I made it that long without trying haha.

the ones I tried in the restaurant were like patties, as if you were making eggplant parmesan. but I found this a little more difficult because we were just folding it, pizza slice style, and dipping it in the honey. so I started out at home that way but ended up liking it as fries/ pieces a lot better.
what you'll need:
eggs (I used 2)
panko bread crumbs (or Italian)
olive oil
hot hot pan pan (yeah, extra hot)
I sliced them (some patties and some fry-like pieces for the sake of experiment) and covered them liberally with salt on a layer of paper towels for about a half hour to soak up moisture. I don't really know if the moisture really makes much of a difference when frying but hey!

next was the basic dredging. dip your eggplant in egg. then flour. then roll and pat into panko.

make sure your olive oil is smokin' hot. literally. you might want to pop on that overhead fan. I lowered the heat to medium high at some points, but high worked best for me.

toss in your coated eggplant parts in batches, as to not overcrowd and allow them the cook evenly. it should only be about 2-3 minutes per side.

once done frying, place on paper towels to cool and soak up the extra oil. make sure to salt them when they're still a little damp! layer and continue.

plate and drizzle with honey! good old fashioned honey. have it on the side to dip if you'd like. so so good!

not a super sophisticated recipe or fancy pictures, but trust me, they're AMAZING! even my man shoveled them into his facehole. success! next time I'll experiment with more spices and combinations (pepper, dill, cayenne etc). maybe even try a sweet one with cinnamon and sugar! mmmmm
yields: a lot! I didn't even make it through the whole eggplant. this could easily serve 4+


Sara said...
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Sara said...

I'm not even big on the eggplant, but I don't think that matters, I would gobble up that whole plate.

Bri said...

mmmm, that looks good!