8 week time warp

I figured this would be the best way for me to somewhat catch up on blogging; photobombing you with all my pictures from instagram. which is why I don't blog; instagram (reneekristine) is a lot quicker and easier and I feel like most of you have me added on there and see my day to day as it happens.

okay here goes. oh! you may want to go through this backwards if you're looking for chronological order, since they're listed newest to oldest.

someone stickered themself. // the only hat Oliver will really wear (it's the head to last year's Halloween costume.) he's never been a fan of having anything on his head. // just lookin' all cute and grown and stuff. // I have a hard time getting Oliver to eat anything other than goldfish on most days, so fresh juices and smoothies is how we do it. this one was 1 whole green apple, 1 whole kiwi, 1 large carrot and some frozen guava pulp. // I play old school games during naptime. // sorting through Oliver's thrifted vintage book collection and these are just some of my favorites. 1944-1983. // always yelling. demanding. something. anything. everything. // just being cute, reading books and eating snickity-snacks. // HUGE new playground just miles from our house. // wearing onesie pjs is the only time I think he looks like a baby anymore. // "mommy. daddy. nigh-night. seeping. aw." says Oliver. a real nap would be nice. // summertime floral curtains and sleepy cat ears.

attempting to spruce up the joint by adding a thrifted table runner to the back of our ratty couch. // dyed my hair and chopped it all off. // baby blues. // mr. spinach smoothie face talkin' my ears off about colors and stuff. // one shoe, backwards hat, no pants. running in circles, filling his shopping cart with random items and asking "what's this?" then answering himself right away and gives me a kiss. this went on for days. // gummie fruit snack. // fancy eater. // Florida sunsets. // best salad on the planet: spinach and mixed greens with garbanzo beans, dried cranberries, tomatoes, goat cheese and candied walnuts with vinaigrette. // my niece. // sleeping in style. // I put on Oliver's 1st birthday outfit for shits n' giggles. amazing. totally worth it. // someone fell out of love with their unused owl candle collection. // self explanatory meme. // superhero.

family story time. // embroidery wall cluster. // I'm the best seat in the house. // my boys. // overdue vacation. // flashback to 10 days before I popped out homeboy. // looking like a teenager. // first carwash. loved it. // laundromats are pretty when you're not forced to use them. // shave ice for dinner. // ready to go. // legit deals happen through my blog. // a collection of purple that took me an hour to find, since apparently we don't like purple. // cookie. // red velvet brownie.

climbing without a ball in your hand would make it a lot easier, but no thanks. // cotton candy skies after a day of storming and right before another one. // goof. // long and tiring day. // long and tiring day for both of us, I guess. // best Target advice I've ever seen. from pinterest. // followed by the truest Target meme. // the fried eggplant and honey that I blogged about. // trying to drink more water. I don't drink nearly as much as I should and need to cut back on the diet soda. // you know you're up too late when you grab your kid's art supplies and start doodling. // exercise is laughable. // sk8. // father's day flashback of Oliver first steps. // I do this every couple weeks. // target buddy.

I can't believe how tiny Oliver used to be. // father's day kisses. // and even more Florida sunsets. // swim swim swim. // ducks. // Oliver as a wittle 3 month old. // more awesome memes. // teeth brushin' in the tub. // salmon patty with sautéed mushrooms and asparagus. // water park fun for dayz and my dude's baby blues.

good morning, alfalfa. // singing to me and being über handsome. // calm during a car nap while daddy graduated medical school. // looking huge with his big boy hair cut at daddy's graduation. // purple skies. // I can't believe I chopped it all off. it felt good. and a month+ later, I'm so glad I did. the curls stayed. // I curse a lot. // applewood smoked turkey sandwich with bangin' potato salad. // life. // blowing me kisses as he kicks me out of his room. // fam bam jam. // first date we've had since our son was born over two years ago. // creme brûlée.

fancy date night spot. // date night outfit. // beach. // no crying for the pediatrician means you get to have a lollipop and hang in the front seat. // bathtub narwhal. // first time having molten lava cake. // and drinks with one of my oldest childhood friends. // that outfit. // artichoke and melted butter dinner. // dear dishes, I won. // oh hi, cat. // thrifted blues. // fruit dishes. // hanging with his baby bud.

solo thrifting is the best kind. // go ahead and just flip that whole donut try into my mouthhole. // beach. // now it's officially summer. // fruit snacks for the beach sunset. // face first. // waterpark. // cupcakes. // Walmart makes us crazy. // this cart is my worst nightmare. // strawberry. // my boys. // his curls. // bird feeder.

stealing my tea. // alien. // sitting so proper. // edamame. // hey, I sure am
cute when I'm not napping. // rice krispie treats cereal. // steak, black beans and rice burritos with salsa and sour cream. // breakdancer. // froyo for dinner. // park hangs. //

last of the park. // they're best friends. we all are. it's a nice feeling. // sticker belly. // me as a kid. you're welcome. // we got addicted to Sons of Anarchy and watched the series start to finish in two weeks. my kind of man sandwich. // digging and running in the backyard. // caaaaake. // hair. // thrifted glasses, a wooden pizza, awesome clothes for Oliver and some dishes. // sleepy dude.

well, there it is. caught up on the last 8 weeks of my life.

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