Little Dude

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a mother. When I would be asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?", I could never actually think of a "real" answer.  Something that I would want to do forever, that is. I thought about being at home. Raising my kids. Teaching them something new everyday. Being there in the morning when they wake up, eat breakfast together. Being there every night to make dinner and tuck them into bed. An upbringing that I didn't have. A sense of family. A sense of home. So finding out that I was pregnant, even though it happened a little earlier than we had planned, was by far, the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I felt great during pregnancy. I felt beautiful. I could tell that I was glowing. I knew that I was radiating happy. To this day, I still have never felt more alive and vivacious (so cheesy, I know).
But I was carrying a life. A life that would change my life. 

 May 12th, 2010, Oliver George was born. I have never felt more in love, more connected, and more proud of anything. From the moment I saw his tiny little leg and felt it touch mine. Before I even saw his face or his blond hair, i realized what had happened. Two lives had just begun. Both of our new, amazing lives had only just started. I was a mom. Oliver's Mama.

 All the snuggles. All the late night feedings. All the diapers. His first baths. His first shots. His first smiles. His first laughs. His first roll overs. His first push-ups. His first solid foods. All the Bjorn rides. All the naps on Mama's chest. His first time swimming. His first teeth. His first sarcastic expression. His first scoots. All the independence. All the growing. All the learning.

His first haircut. His first real crawls. His love of books. His love of peek-a-boo. His Love of music. His love of laughter. His love for dancing. His love of being clapped for. His first pull up. His first words. His first self feedings.

He blows my mind everyday. From his fantastic white hair, big blue eyes, contagious laugh, inquisitive mind, thirst for knowledge, sense of humor, loving... I'm getting lost in the sea of amazing childness, you'll have to excuse me...

I just love him. I think he is the greatest, obviously. He has been a very good boy. Self weaned at 6 months. Eats any and everything. Has pretty much always slept through the night. Only cries when he's hungry or tired. We've gotten "lucky" with this one. Which makes me scared to give him a brother or sister one day. It's safe to assume that they would be the demon child. So for now, I will enjoy Oliver. My Oliver-bear. OG. Little Bear. Little Dude. Oli. Oggy. My first and only son.

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